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ABOUT US | Health You Cultivate Medical Care

Health You Cultivate

is a Holistic Medical Care Center which offers unique and customized health services for the overall care of individuals and families across a wide range of demographics seeking to get the most out of life while enjoying the benefits of good health. 

Health You Cultivate Medical Care

A Healthy and a happy Mind will result in a healthy You. Let Health You Cultivate help you Create Great health now. So you can live at your peak potential.

We provide support, assistance and the tools needed to achieve your health goals. Join us!
We assist families and individuals cultivate/create more wholesome, healthy and fulfilling lives; So you can "Live your full potential".


Dr. Dicoda Johnson

Our Mission

To provide support, knowledge, organization, accessibility not to mention fast and efficient health services all in an environment of care, compassion and empowerment. 

A healthy family is a happy family

Good health and family are two very important things. They really do go hand in hand. In fact, they aren't just two important things, but they are actually EVERYTHING! A healthy lifestyle should be a priority for every family.

Our Advantages 

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Our medical team is built with the best doctors and nurses who specialized in a variety of medical fields to deliver top-notch medical services for you and your family.



We use the latest equipment and technology to improve the level of our medical solutions and guarantee the best customer experience.



Our medical center is always ready to offer you emergency medical services as well as immediately diagnose you and determine the need for any medical resources.



Thanks to the individual approach we use at Health You Cultivate, our patients get better medical service that is designed to fit their personal healthcare needs and budget.

Health You Cultivate Medical Center  |  876.536.7267 or 876.649.1081

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